Why are Aston Villa so brutal? And will it the point competing

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Why are Aston Villa so brutal? And will it the point of competing for the Premier League.

• 15 straight wins at home. When counting the results at the end of last season
• What factors made Aston Villa so fierce?
• And will Unai Emery lead the Singha to compete for the Premier League championship or not

It’s really cruel. Mother gave it to me… Aston Villa have won 15 consecutive Premier League games at home.

Alone last season What happened has not been noticed or talk about much. After losing 2-4 to Arsenal at home (third goal 90+3, fourth goal 90+8) in mid-February, Aston Villa only moved forward to win at Villa Park, comfortably 7 games in a row. And their rankings did not appear to have risen to a shocking level. Cross the finish line by being number 7. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com

But when combining last season and this season Clearly, this is a phenomenon.

Believe it or not, Aston Villa is the only team in the 2023/24 Premier League that has won 8 consecutive home matches.

Liverpool may have a 100% record at Anfield as well, but the Reds have only played 7 home games. Next to that is Newcastle, Arsenal or the greats from last year like Manchester City have all lost points at home. Even though the guns and ships still haven’t lost to the nest. But they always lost 2 matches per team.

For Villa, their 8 home games start with a 4-0 win over Everton until today, with a total of 25 goals scored and only 5 conceded.

What was the issue and received overwhelming applause were the last two games.

Aston Villa bravely defeated Pep Guardiola ‘s Manchester City in an “almost outclass” manner (1-0 Leon Bailey 74) by creating a total of 22 finishing chances. In the 7th frame, ready to force the Navy to have only 2 shots on target.

Three days later, Aston Villa defeated Arsenal again, despite having less possession and fewer chances to finish. But the important point is that once Villa got an early boost (John McGinn, 7), they didn’t give up on the visitors again until the final whistle.

Aside from making a beautiful record of winning 15 home games in a row, defeating both Manchester City and Arsenal in succession also made the spotlight especially focused on Aston Villa.