That Liverpool are hoping to sign a Juventus star to enhance

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That Liverpool are hoping to sign a Juventus star to enhance their offensive game this summer.

ยูฟ่าเบท leading sports media in Italy. Reports that Liverpool. The English Premier League club intereste in making an offer to grab Juventus striker Federico Chiesa to join the team in the summer.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp continues to look for new players to help bring the Reds back to success next year, with Chiesa ‘s name on the list. Will come to strengthen the power of the offensive game

Despite the 25-year-old macaroni-blood striker having consistently struggle with injuries over the past few seasons, Klopp still sees Chiesa as a great signing for Liverpool due to his versatility. position

Chiesa was a standout performer for the Italian national team at Euro 2020 and was haile. He is one of the most talented forwards in the Azzurri. But unfortunately. He has injure and missed 60 games for Juventus over the past three years.

However, in addition to Liverpool, Bayern Munich  also interested in Chiesa. Who is worth around £40m.

Euro Superstars: Federico Chiesa, the Azzurri footballer falls far from the tree.

It can said. That it’s a fall under the tree for Federico Chiesa, the 23-year-old offensive star of the Italian “Azzurri” army. Who helped lead the team to the Euro 2020 finals from having Participated in 6 matches on the field and score 2 goals

Federico Chiesa is the son of Enrico Chiesa, a former Italian national team striker between 1996 and 2001, having made 22 appearances and scoring 7 goals. While Federico has been on the Italian national team for the first time. But in the year 2018, but has already play over his father, having played 31 matches, scoring 3 goals