Football products name “FIFA Club World Champion”

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Football products name “FIFA Club World Champion”

Become a follow-up to what will happen. And will it be possible or not after FIFA president Gianni Infantino It has announce. That the FIFA Club World Cup will redesign to include a larger tournament size with up to 32 participating clubs by 2025. That “Where will the time go to compete?” and “How will we play?” Today we went to read his initial concept.

FIFA Club World Cup.

Also known as world club champion. It was establish in 2000 through the merger of several tournaments. There is a reduction in time Number of teams to fit the time frame to be able to run the tournament. It brings representatives of all six continental champions. Including Europe, South America, Asia, CONCACAF, Africa and Oceania, to compete with one additional team. Which will selecte from the host team in the tournament to play in the elimination system. Currently playing the full tournament takes about 10 days, with the winner the “world champion” at club level. Which has previously play in the middle of a European league season. Therefore, if any European club wins the UEFA Champions League next season, there will also be this mission as a mandatory fight, and Real Madrid will return to play in this competition again in February.

Increasing the number of teams participating in the Club World Championships has plan for a long time. And initially there will format adjustment in 2021 with 24 teams and will go to compete in China. However, in the end, everything had to come to a halt due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. causing the need to adjust the time. Before coming down in 2025, there will be up to 32 teams participating.

“The matter of the venue of the competition still needs to discuss. But it’s a preliminary agreement that there will be a tournament format like we do in the World Cup. We will play every four years and the first time will happen in 2025,” Infantino said.

“For the other years when there is no competition, it will be a competition. The Confederations Cup, which will also be played in a 32-team system. May take longer than it used to before. But only the best selected teams are eligible for this privilege. The details are still in the development stage. We will spend the next 2-3 weeks month meeting together with all the shareholders on this matter.”

Speaking of Infantino as FIFA boss enough impact and criticism. Because the World Cup will be adjusted to 48 teams in the final round. Which means that there will be even more games in the tournament. Which is already very tight, even more. While the “World Club Championship” is one of the competitions that “does not” receive much attention. At club level in terms of interest, a mid-table schedule between the regular season for teams in Europe. To long trips to compete in the host country. While those teams are playing to win the championship in their hometown. And they already have their own continental tournament.

Premier League, one of the biggest football leagues in the world. It was stated that they have not yet received official documentation from FIFA regarding this drastic change. However, they have always insisted that whatever changes will happen. It “must not be a change” that would affect the domestic league structure and all players. Of course, this move of FIFA. It must be agreed by them and the leagues to come together to discuss and come to a conclusion first.

The 2022 World Cup is coming to an end. It is one of the most enjoyable tournaments in World Cup football for many fans, with Infantino even describing it as the best World Cup for him. In the midst of many problems that finally ended successfully. But FIFA has suffered a lot of wounds and rotten criticism. Since the acquisition of the host in 2022. There has big change in the organization. And thus the selection of hosts for 2030 won’t announce until 2024.

“Football” is one of the big businesses in the world. under the management of only two large organizations But covering the whole world and at the national level and all club levels Become a power pole “Love each other, fight each other. But will not allow anyone to intervene between us”