Techniques for playing pokdeng games

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Techniques for playing pokdeng games.

If losing, then place a new bet or choose to play the Gold Digger style. Which is to expect heavy profits from each investment. Normal face cards come, we don’t care, get 2 – 2, come in hand as 4 points, 2 bounce and still not satisfied, ask to draw the 3rd card and hit the Tong 2, no one said Therefore, we have gathered together the techniques of playing Pokdeng 8 Pokdeng 9 to leave each other. Who will choose which way to play? Can play together at UFABET

Without having to draw a 3rd card. But the dealer’s advantage Will have the right to play 2 strokes, that is, may ask to catch a player. Who draws 3 cards to eat money. Before a round Then draw a third card to fight the rest of the players.

  1. Choose when you get 4 points, 2 bounces, except for cards that come in 2 – 2, may be able to wait for 2 3rd cards to win 3
  2. Win 3 foreign cards as master cards, or maybe get 8 backs, 9 backs, which if you don’t poke, you will definitely get money
  3. Choose to cut the dealer’s luck by drawing. When we have 2 card points totaling 4, 5 or 6 points
  4. Measure the luck, 5 points to draw, but if you get 5 points, 2 bounces.
  5. If you’re thinking about it, let’s be yours. Have the right to open the measure points with the player 2 cards first, then draw the 3rd card up to measure the points with the remaining players.
  6. Buy plum legs or play more than one leg. to give us more options

Playing cards that bounce. Charming in and of itself. It’s more like going to a drinking party with friends. For a hilarious atmosphere than focusing on getting drunk. Often emphasizes to tease friends. to laugh at the gestures of each.

Rather than expecting money to get gold For anyone. Who is a serious investor. I ask you to play carefully. to play consciously Know the tricks of the dealers in various forms