Online baccarat casino. It might be an easy bet.

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Online baccarat casino. It might be an easy bet.

Online Slots Vocabulary

Online slots may be another easy bet. As well as how to play slots to get money. There are still many types. What will it be? Let’s see to UFABET.

 But if playing without understanding about the various terms. Then The chances of losing money are very high. So before learning to play slots The first thing you should do is study the vocabulary.

  • Line Bet (Line Bet) A box that shows the number of lines to win the prize.
  • Lines (Lines) The number of lines used to play. Some games can choose the number of lines. If there are more lines, the chances of winning will increase as well.
  • Balance (Balance) The amount of money or credit of the players available.
  • Win or Win ( Win ) A box that shows the amount of money received after winning spins.
  •  Total Bet (Total Bet) A box that shows the amount of money spent playing.
  • Paytable (Paytable) button for various details of the game. You can see the line of rewards, bonuses, features here.
  •  Max Bet (Max Bet) Button for placing bets on the highest amount.
  • Spin (Spin) button to spin the wheel. Most of the games use the circle symbol baccarat casino. with a circular arrow on the button
  • Auto Spin (Auto Spin) button for playing slots automatically. When selecting the number of rounds complete. The reels will spin until the selecte number is reache.

roulette vocabulary

online roulette It is another popular bet abroad. and began to gain popularity in Thailand in the past few years. 

Because many gamblers can use different baccarat casino techniques. until making it easy to play and earn money For this reason, more and more people turn to play roulette.

  • French wheel (French wheel) roulette wheel used to spin.
  • Column (Colum bet) bet horizontally across the row.
  • Inside bet (Inside bet) bet by betting on numbers.
  • Outside bet ( Outside bet ) All types of bets. except number bets
  • Street (Street) Vertical Betting
  • Corner bet ( Corner bet ) Bet by betting on 4 numbers.
  • Dozens Bet on 12 numbers in a row.
  • Green number (Green number) bet on number 0 or 00 = bet on number 0 or 00
  • Single number bet with 2 numbers = single number bet
  • Red Black ( Red , Black ) Bet on the steel ball falling into the red or black box.
  • High and Low ( High , Low ) Bet on a number that is high or low.
  • Odd Even ( Odd , Even ) Bet on numbers that are even or odd.